C for Coconut

Finest Quality Coconuts Toffees

Supremely delicious combination of fresh desiccated coconut with creamy flavour of smooth milk which is luxuriantly designed to serve all the ages!

The coconut toffees are highly rich in qualities which are made up from premium quality and best farm selected coconuts procured from the coastal belts of India. The milk blended with desiccated coconuts is pure dairy product with the best quality. While cimton has been innovative and unique in confectionary, C for coconut has always remained the highly demanded toffees in the market. The toffees are wrapped in aluminium foil sheet which protects it from all weather and other conditions. What makes Cimton toffees different from the others available in the market is their non-stick property which makes it very easy to chew. It definitely gives you an amazing taste but in addition, the contents of C for coconut gives you instant energy.

C for Coconut Finest Quality Coconuts Toffees