C for Coconut

C for Coconut Finest Quality Coconuts Toffees

Elegantly designed milky-rich.
C for Coconut is a soulful union of coconut and milk rolled in a toffee.

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ApuPremium Cream Filled Chocolates

Apu is richly with Belgian chocolates cream and milk that makes every occasion a special one.So,celebrate it with Apu.

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Apu Premium Cream Filled Chocolates
No Spit paan khao bina thuke

No Spit paan khao bina thuke

AuthenticIindian paan flavour blended in a toffee.
This after-food mouth freshener,is a common treat for many Indians.

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P-nuttyWith best of peanut and milk

P-nutty is with the best of peanut and milk.
Combination of crunchy fresh peanuts also with the rich milk.

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P-nutty With best of peanut and milk
Ela A true cardamom delight

ElaA true cardamom delight

Aromatic flavor of pure cardamoms blended with rich creamy milk.
Ela is a true cardamom delight.

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FrugetPineapple Pop

Fruget is hard-boiled sugar candy,mounted on stick.These lollipops are availble in several fruity flavours.Try one and you will want more.

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Fruget Pineapple Pop
Flickr Tangy Tamarind Candy

FlickrTangy Tamarind Candy

Flickr is a tangy tamarind candy.When popped in,gives you the much needed hint of tanginess.

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