With best of peanut and milk

Savour the classic creamy taste made by blending a delicious combination of crunchy fresh peanuts along with the rich creamiest milk to totally satisfy your sweet-tooth craving!

The cardamom oil used to craft these toffees is very rich in quality and 100% natural. While the luxurious formula gives you a scrumptious taste, it also ensures that the toffees are perfectly non-sticky which helps prevent dental issues. Ela is not just a toffee; it is also an ideal alternative for mouth freshener. Nothing could be a better blend than a delicious toffee and a refreshing mouth freshener!

P-nutty is a super food toffee which children as well as the adults love too. It adds a fun factor to every get together. P-nutty is a great option to be carried around when travelling and keep munching on it! While it adds the fun quotient, it is also very nutritious and healthy due to its peanut content. The toffees are made up of freshly picked peanuts from Gujarat which add a crispy hint to the toffees making them delicious than ever.

P-nutty With best of peanut and milk